Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Gut microbiome and the response of melanoma patients to anti PD1

Wargo Jennifer 
Retrospective study
Abstract 3008
work in progress

Responses to anti -PD1 (IT) are depending of  diverse factors
There was previous evidence that Microbiome could influence the response to IT (immunotherapy).

Tumor samples from 233 pts were collected.

Question 1:
Is an association between the diversity of microbioma and the response to the anti PD1?
Patients that have a higher diversity in gut microbiome were responders and the PFS or OS was better Patients that do not take antibiotics have a better OS (reference).

Question 2
The composition of microbioma is important?
Patients that had in the gut Clostridia are responders, but patients with Bacteroidia- non responders!
(slide 1 by Wargo, slide 2 presented by T. Gajewski)

Question 3
what relationship is between the microbioma and the anti tumor activity?
patients with ''good bacteria have also citotoxic T cells''

Question 4
Whats is the mechanism? Transnational research is in progress, manuscript under review (Gopalakrishnan et al.)
To test strategies and -fecal transplants to the nonresponders -in the mouse this strategy is working so far.

During the study was perform also a dietary questionnaire -data to be published soon
The performance status of patients was excellent, no antibiotics, and their dietary habits were various.

Clinical trials to confirm the data obtained the retrospective studies will open soon, said Wargo.

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